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By the mercy of Allah (SWT) we have been able to buy this property for our Masjid, for a total amount of $900,000. The 6600 Sq. ft. building was for $750,000 and the half acre of adjacent Land for additional parking was for $150,000.

A total sum of $400,000 was paid as down payment ($250,000 for the building and $150,000 for the land).

We were able to close the escrow in July of 2010.

The prayer area of the Masjid (1800 Sq. ft.) is paid off. Muslim Community Services, Inc. (MCSI) had to borrow in the amount of $500,000 to complete the purchase.

Currently La Mirada Masjid is leasing 4400 Sq. ft. of the building from MCSI. and the remaining loan amount is $436,000.

After the purchase was complete, a State-of-the art renovation was done by the end of 2010 and we were able to obtain a permit (from the Building and Safety Department) to move into the new Masjid on February 17th 2011.

What a joyous day it was! The Mercy of Allah (SWT) descended on the community on that day. We do not know about others, but our President Dr. Rezaur Rahman cried for hours, the relentless task of all the brothers who were involved (most of them contributing their valuable time, free of cost). The success of building a Mosque and actually moving in, it was a triumphant occasion for the whole community.

Dear brothers and Sisters, It was made possible by the mercy of Allah and your kind contributions, as you have filled our fundraising room for years. To build a Mosque, is worth a home in the heaven, no doubt, it is a promise from Allah SWT. Now rest assured and perform your prayers as you had wanted to perform in a Masjid. May Allah reward you, reward your family, give reward for all your good deeds, remove all the obstacles from your life and your family’s life, Amen.

Please watch the video of our state-of the-art renovation of the prayer room, wudu area, male and female rest rooms, four class rooms, kitchen and multipurpose room for social activities.

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